Saturday, January 17, 2009

h5n1 hits twitter

interesting to watch the startup throes. wonder how long it will take to hit 1000 followers. most of the newest not too active. busy with the blogs, I suspect.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

blog persona?

true or false

salty dog

reading geert lovink "Dark Fiber" in small town coffeeshop - broken manifold and boat repair interspersed with analysis of semantic shifts in description of network by corporate and military owners, for benefit.

wireless world dislocate

rant arrears

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ubuntu wacom sucks

the lenovo s10 running 8.10 intrepid ubuntu recognizes the wacom graphire, just the pen, not the mouse.

running the "stable" 8.04 hardy ubuntu, doesn't sync. gives an obscure "obex" message about a server not running and what looks like a device mac address. on a toshiba laptop. windows on the same machine syncs.

this sucks, ubuntu.

sixty eight in brookings, hard to concentrate, or remember new passwords. don't proliferate, pro-obscurate.

i refuse the universal password.

unbefriend friendsofdave twitter rss aggregate. too much not in my skein.
i watch the strangers likely gathered by an occasional reference to a machine name, supposed common interest. slowly prune the ad-spam.


Monday, January 12, 2009

crumbs of blogs like return in a fairytale. proper name as a node. suppose that once twitted the twitterer cannot but twit. gnomic seizure.


there's the guitarplayer claw. (pick and chord)

the trackpad claw, the netbook trackpad claw

got a bluetooth mouse/notepad, lean back.

trackritus twinges

springtime in brookings

flies in january. my mother chasing through the kitchen. need a leatherman flyswatter attachment, laser tracker.


tweetshrink - condensation of thought into heads.

decided to spin up a blogspace, again. or maybe it was the impulse to bad pun.