Sunday, September 6, 2009

toilet ocean

loose turd of plastic

the size of Texas

spins at Vortex

of Toilet Ocean

unknown 'cuz you can't say Turd

in polite company

or even on rude conspiracy cable news

it's the Turd of America, spinning, Turd

of Japan and China, Viet Nam.

all the coastal cities

and the cities on rivers

flush to Toilet Ocean

and tangle at Turd Vortex

Tornadoes of plastic Turd

shrouding whales and dolphins

choking birds with six pack garrots

filling the dead zones of fertilizer overburn

plastic Turdy Tombstones on lifeless bottom

winding up at night while you dream

of consume, winding like Hurricane

Turd, Category 5, maybe 9 on the consumer scale

fed by warm currents of consume

little spiral arms of plastic Turd

break onto beaches with the viral tide

astroturf astrosurf

echoing Mr. Robinson's line –

the future's in Plastic

future, futurd... future, futurd

the future's in Plastic


Bob Phillips

Friday, May 15, 2009


politics of easy tags

cutout Cheney crashes on point
mouth mouth of industmili TAR tarry
like a yellow discarded filter butt
leaching in the gutter

cuz the main brain doesn't like to be seen
seen talking, herd talking sheeple

gutter boarding surfs up
slime sly whispers on the beach
of talking waves, assert and deny
trashline of con deposits

truth a manatee cut by props
awash in the Rushes

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

half an hour

half an hour

against the context of a library, series of performances in the past, who will you read with, the names you recover cannot read, as they have already performed. a name arrives in an email, nobody you can remember.

last week the hard disk refused to respond to the laptop bios. there are backups, you descend into the spiral of recovery, pausing to consider. as a system manager you learned to make platforms of analysis and recovery, separate and distinct. each time this fails, some way, unanticipated improvisation requirements. a cold reach for the last chance. you could fail.

a tea party where each brings something and performs it, the flash of the Chinese literati in a context of examinations and duty. steady hand on the brush from years of application. relaxed but firm enough that no one can pull it from your grasp. not a set piece, revised and tuned, but application of the systematic derangement of choice.

a sheaf of papers shuffling order. lines excised on the fly. a wind disperses pages. little rips of paper marking pages pulled out in a sequence. shuffling cards like Nabokov.

the wit to proceed.

bringing in a technology that slices, cut and paste, revision control possible. used and denied at once. shit happens. it fails, nothing as you assumed. the reflexes of your language. the accidents of voice.

you wanted to use the mimeograph as an artifact of production, saving the components, gathering supplies, but your skills fade into a panic without a manual. you are left with the poem of process, like affronts to the cleanliness of the grant application clan. cock prints in the university toilets taken from the mimeo master, let nothing go to waste. affront and center. the cover a Kraft grocery bag with a clean cotton ball attached. you don't convince and don't get the money.

the audience doesn't know what to expect, without the norms. quiet certainty. not the Satyricon Sunday Cabaret staged before a rank of drunks who will heckle and take it from you. your voice like the brush of a calligrapher in training.

then the sneezes of spring. hangovers of excess. disappointment of expectation. harsh tonsils rough in the throat.

hook and slice two notebooks at the same time. which one will out?

a month and a week to tell. your wife wants a vacation in the capital. you add on embellishments. unable to take the equipment in a rehearsel of the problem. your house guest wants to have a conversation. put a dvd in the player. there is not enough time, never will be.

practice this again.

Da Capo

Sunday, April 12, 2009

费伯 --- use it up, white guy

I know this is 'loose' translation... I always had ambivalent feelings about my Chinese teacher. Han old timer.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

resist fours

resist fours

a torturing application applied

it looks like newspaper in drag, greasy hair

faltering on heels and forward

everything you could desire wrapped up for profit

and perfume, Plunder, leaks from razor burned pits

I hold me to cities of imagination where concept hides

Morella on a crag of the moors

Moquit of the Spanish moss trailing

Carra where the black crows roost together

Roon dammed at the edge of marsh, tunnel

across a matrix of fours combinations tether like sessile fiber

like a sparse 4x4 tacking a boulder in the wash

the results of the operation are in air,

whistling breaths, carbon burn – exhaust

your mother's tit was an exhaust pipe

I carry questions in a net woven from tree of bags, bags

I climb like a goat on slant branches, gathering

knotting, reach out to the furthest branch; depend on a slimmer

belay round crotch and dangle

I know the predictive algorythm when I copy

at morning I wake and at first am speechless, gathering night

from the questions 'What's Happening?' stitch of the land moving

stitch of plates, fill master, suppression of doubt 'Who's there?'

harsh answer of bump plate, stitch of randomness

little variations of chance.

bob phillips

Thursday, March 26, 2009


“Stories from the End of Representation”
for Tom Taylor

tape loop, edits with a grease pencil
automatic focus, the click of the iris in a cycle of camera feedback, camera
cradled at elbow, the suppression of loud breathing, a tripod of braced legs
against pole, elbows pulled into chest, the act of handing over camera control,
anxiety at the loss of control, delight at the result, shotgun microphone in the shot,
tape loop in multiple machines draped around a gallery, tape as time, the whine of heads
clog of heads, bumping the support, dropping the deck

set ups in storefronts, living rooms, classrooms, zoom in, focus, then zoom out, spaghetti city, duct tape
stepping away from back light windows, sm57, portapak, 7.5 seconds back wrap, stopwatch,
sync, loss of sync, jitter, helical scan, shopping cart dollies, rollers, oxide clogging heads, setup
teardown, cables, adapter, bnc, back porch, flyback, in the black, interference, ground, tbc, time base,
rca, balanced line, unbalanced, tape tension, tube burn, vidicon, viewfinder, head cleaner, cotton swab,
open reel, half inch, three quarter inch, cartridge, capstan, crt, cathode ray tube,

hands on, auto-focus, manual, gain, blooming, tripod, hand held, mobile, charger, batteries, earphones,
solder, soldering iron, scope, meter, agc, gain, loss, voltage, current, impedance match, balun,
drop, feed, case, deck, adapter, ac, dc, humbars, hum, color bars, chroma, comb filter, heterodyne,
beats, white balance, color balance, horizontal, vertical, front porch, amps, cart, chamois swabs, alcohol, freon, dust, rubber rollers, reels, tape, cartridge, terminator, mismatch, flagging, time base,
compensation, loaner, playback, record, pause, fuse, fluid head, lights, barn door, back light, fill,
auxiliary, in, out, zoom, fade, black, headphones, mike, mixer, pan, tilt, level, case, phase shift, ghost,
delay, antenna, coax, wire, dikes, screwdriver, wrench, probe, voltmeter, strippers, crimp, pliers,
monitors, splitter, winding tape, rewind, forward, fast forward, proc amp

duen de
machinos soft spoke listening
duen des hermanos
de corison

always soft spoken in my hearing
on solutions' offering

who knows the order of pivotal
intervention, without a claim of intervention

salute, skip thirty years

tech bolus stalls a poem, lateral inhibition
slight hesitates as you reach for

slap unfolding of a folding chair, ranged
in circles, facing, in rows, screening

circle round table at a wake

Saturday, March 21, 2009

backwater neighborhood wifi

just down 15th from Peets and the Satuday Swarm -- a Mio Gelatto with an open connection. The dog and I share the patio tables. traffic pulse reduced.

Monday, March 2, 2009

remix starter kit

take Rudy Rucker: Postsingular and Bruce Sterling: Caryatids. remix . needs 中文的压缩 ya1 suo1 compression - paragraphs in a tweet

dimensional yurts, slats cloned from loading pallets. sargasso brane slow twhirl irictus. the avataricon with a flash snap looped in it. not that flash, one of the old burn the filaments flashes. fused bulb in a lock in pop out socket.

lozenge of light highlights tracking training precursor. as a twit trains brains. node brain mindmap freemind fan out. scanulator. #wordsperminute. speedereader.

try to say skiddle instead of [product here]. you can't do it, once exposed.

they may even tm tm miss-spellings.

so then you file a counter claim citing skaddle, skidaddle. old language past the pull date.

tribal outriders balloon and (where did they get sticks in the gobi? ) bubble pack hang glider thermal glits. remade sheep gut stretches bird hollow sparbones.

lung dust. 'it shouldn't be like this'. denied because you smoked the ciggies they handed out for free.

{better dumpto, incase i select and backspace} terrifytool.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tweet balance

wondering about the balance in a tweet, when making a memetweet. something like parallelism in couplets.

vowel sets, rather than rhymes.

or linking two @replies.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

h5n1 hits twitter

interesting to watch the startup throes. wonder how long it will take to hit 1000 followers. most of the newest not too active. busy with the blogs, I suspect.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

blog persona?

true or false

salty dog

reading geert lovink "Dark Fiber" in small town coffeeshop - broken manifold and boat repair interspersed with analysis of semantic shifts in description of network by corporate and military owners, for benefit.

wireless world dislocate

rant arrears

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ubuntu wacom sucks

the lenovo s10 running 8.10 intrepid ubuntu recognizes the wacom graphire, just the pen, not the mouse.

running the "stable" 8.04 hardy ubuntu, doesn't sync. gives an obscure "obex" message about a server not running and what looks like a device mac address. on a toshiba laptop. windows on the same machine syncs.

this sucks, ubuntu.

sixty eight in brookings, hard to concentrate, or remember new passwords. don't proliferate, pro-obscurate.

i refuse the universal password.

unbefriend friendsofdave twitter rss aggregate. too much not in my skein.
i watch the strangers likely gathered by an occasional reference to a machine name, supposed common interest. slowly prune the ad-spam.


Monday, January 12, 2009

crumbs of blogs like return in a fairytale. proper name as a node. suppose that once twitted the twitterer cannot but twit. gnomic seizure.


there's the guitarplayer claw. (pick and chord)

the trackpad claw, the netbook trackpad claw

got a bluetooth mouse/notepad, lean back.

trackritus twinges

springtime in brookings

flies in january. my mother chasing through the kitchen. need a leatherman flyswatter attachment, laser tracker.


tweetshrink - condensation of thought into heads.

decided to spin up a blogspace, again. or maybe it was the impulse to bad pun.