Monday, March 2, 2009

remix starter kit

take Rudy Rucker: Postsingular and Bruce Sterling: Caryatids. remix . needs 中文的压缩 ya1 suo1 compression - paragraphs in a tweet

dimensional yurts, slats cloned from loading pallets. sargasso brane slow twhirl irictus. the avataricon with a flash snap looped in it. not that flash, one of the old burn the filaments flashes. fused bulb in a lock in pop out socket.

lozenge of light highlights tracking training precursor. as a twit trains brains. node brain mindmap freemind fan out. scanulator. #wordsperminute. speedereader.

try to say skiddle instead of [product here]. you can't do it, once exposed.

they may even tm tm miss-spellings.

so then you file a counter claim citing skaddle, skidaddle. old language past the pull date.

tribal outriders balloon and (where did they get sticks in the gobi? ) bubble pack hang glider thermal glits. remade sheep gut stretches bird hollow sparbones.

lung dust. 'it shouldn't be like this'. denied because you smoked the ciggies they handed out for free.

{better dumpto, incase i select and backspace} terrifytool.

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