Friday, July 13, 2012

crapture - six months in

July in rainey PDX
80's Fahrenheit, rains recede

meanwhile in Bible Belt pavements crumple
corn dies in furrow

adds 15% in a day to the price of corn fed steaks
and the gut bulge high fructose corn shill

turns out that rapture tracks
Global Warming Doubters

God Liars like Popes and ArchBishops, the boy boys
Opus Buckos, who ditch the caring nuns

for the pumps of money and power
stealing the names of God for private use

at the sign of the end of crimes
noone holds the fools to account

six months in and end predictions fall
to a dig of Science. 2012 was a Politician's Boast

bloody Aztec king long dead now in defeat
kernel of confusion stolen, making a living for a buck.

I would laugh but the glaciers die and dry
polar bears drown swimming for ice

sun fries the Shouting South
burned out telling me how to live

you ought to stake the change doubting Congress
each Summer - to a hurricane beach - while waters rise

tie the rant party holy rollers
onto the pols, for ballast

Bob Phillips