Sunday, September 6, 2009

toilet ocean

loose turd of plastic

the size of Texas

spins at Vortex

of Toilet Ocean

unknown 'cuz you can't say Turd

in polite company

or even on rude conspiracy cable news

it's the Turd of America, spinning, Turd

of Japan and China, Viet Nam.

all the coastal cities

and the cities on rivers

flush to Toilet Ocean

and tangle at Turd Vortex

Tornadoes of plastic Turd

shrouding whales and dolphins

choking birds with six pack garrots

filling the dead zones of fertilizer overburn

plastic Turdy Tombstones on lifeless bottom

winding up at night while you dream

of consume, winding like Hurricane

Turd, Category 5, maybe 9 on the consumer scale

fed by warm currents of consume

little spiral arms of plastic Turd

break onto beaches with the viral tide

astroturf astrosurf

echoing Mr. Robinson's line –

the future's in Plastic

future, futurd... future, futurd

the future's in Plastic


Bob Phillips

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